Shelving For Sale at 2348 Beacon, a small Kitchen Too!

I have some good deals for you if you are looking for some Retail shelving or a Small Kitchen or misc shelving items. I even have a cash desk or workshop counter for you too and a RUG RACK!

Take a peek below and email me with your enquiry.

Shelving will be available for viewing, purchase and pick up on two dates only.  Dates yet to be determined but must be before April 12th.

Happy Shopping:)


Please contact me via email: for any enquiries, offers and purchases if you please.


1.  8′ x 8′ Wood Cabinet w/ Galvanized Metal Shelves  –BOTH SOLD!!

• There are Two Units like this available for sale.

• This unit must be unassembled for transport as it is too large in one piece.  It isn’t a difficult process.

• There are additional shelves for this unit.

$500.00 or best offer




2. 9′-9″ x 8′-11″ Solid Wood Shelving Unit  –  SOLD!!!

• This unit is very beautiful made from Solid Pine, stained and varnished.  It makes your inventory or home accessories look very rich and of course organized.

• This unit must be un-assembled for transport as it is too large in one piece.  It isn’t a difficult process.

• There are additional shelves for this unit.

• Combines beautifully for a cash desk area with the counter we also have for sale below.

$900.00 or best offer

Solid Wood Shelving Unit 9'-9" x 8"-11"



3. TEN FOOT x 40″ H Counter Cabinet or Work Bench  –  SOLD!!!

• This unit is made from Solid Pine, stained and varnished.  It has many drawers and cubbies for storage and has holes for wiring as well. It will keep you very organized and has lots of room for point of sale inventory or would be great in your garage too.

• There is only one of this unit type for sale

$500.00 or best offer


Solid Wood Counter 1

Solid Wood Counter



4. 3′ x 8′ Solid Wood Shelving Unit w/Drawer w Lights & Wood/Glass Shelves  –  SOLD!!!

• These beautiful units are great for product display as the lights shine down thru the shelving to highlight the items.

• They come complete with 5 shelves (only 3 are shown) but we have extra shelves for these units for displaying lots of smaller product for $12.00/shelf.

• These could work in a house with high ceilings, 9 ft minimum.

• There are  of these units available for purchase.

$500.00 or best offer

3 ft wood shelving units

3 ft solid wood shelving unit 2


 5. Extra Deep Solid Wood Unit for Garments or Samples with Lights.  -STILL AVAILABLE

• Could also be a wardrobe as it has a hanger rail installed.  It could also be an armoire for storage, one could add doors to this unit.

• Dimensions are: 3′-4″w x 8’h x 27.5″d

$450.00 or best offer

Deep Solid Wood Shelving:Garment Unit



6. Ikea Corner Desk  -STILL AVAILABLE

• This is a dandy desk for a student desk or a home office. Holds lots of stuff with all the shelving above and beside where a monitor would rest.

• In good condition.

• Needs to be un-assembled somewhat to transport.

$375.00 or best offer

Ikea Corner Desk



7. Ikea Desk, Maple Wood Veneer with free standing Maple File Cabinet w/ drawer  -STILL AVAILABLE

• 6 ft desk by 36′ depth, two wide deep drawers.

• one corner has a little bump in it.

• Great size to get lots of work done!

Ikea Desk and File Drawer



 8. Small Custom Kitchen--SOLD!!

• Great for a basement suite or a small house or a staff kitchen area.  Just add a stove or a small convection oven and small fridge and you are set.

• Upper Cabinets : Left Cabinet 30″ W x 12″ 1/2 D x  15″ H, the Middle Cabinet – 30″ W x 12″ 1/2 D x 24″ H
and the Right Cabinet – 27″ W x 18″ Dx 30″ 1/2 High (for a microwave)

• Lower cabinets & Counter top :  58″ W x 25  1/2″ D  x  36″ H

• A cheery look of maple laminate and a pretty blue counter.

• In good condition

• Includes a stainless sink and faucet and stainless handles


IMG_3275 kitchen



9. Pine Utility Shelving with adjustable shelves, extra tall.  – SOLD!!!

• dimensions  6’w x 7’h x 13″d

• 3 vertical supports creating two shelving units. Cannot be divided.

• ps- sorry for the messy shelves, lol!

$175.00 or best offer

open shelving



10. Open Shelving with Wrought iron Ladders and composite shelves (details & photo to follow)

• Dimensions:

• Flexible shelving that is so simple to assemble and anchor in place.

• Very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight and a lot of stuff.

• Can be painted easily and iron fence finials added to top.

$250.00 or best offer

no photo yet, sorry.



11.  Industrial Shelving– -STILL SOME SECTIONS AVAILABLE

• This is great for warehouse and is adjustable and very easy to install in sections.

• Shelves are incredibly sturdy.

$100.00 per vertical section – includes 5 shelves

industrial shelving 2


12. 10 Swing Arm Rug Rack for over sized area rugs  –STILL AVAILABLE

• amazing for improving the sales in your rug department

• corner model takes up the least amt of sqft.

• easily assembled, no need to attach to the wall, slides on floor for repositioning.

• we have some rug clips as well!

$500.00 or best offer   (they’re $1,000.00 when new and this is in mint condition)

rug rack